A Statue Of Six Meters Is Installed In Riga To Honor Medical Workers

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The artwork was placed in the most dominant place in front of the Latvian National Museum of Art. The creator of the statue is Aigars Bikše. Nowadays, the governments worldwide are taking the statues off the public places, but in the capital of Latvia (Riga), the authorities decided and placed one sculpture. The height of the figure is six meters, and it is placed in front of the National Museum of Art.

The project is called ‘Medic for the World’. It was created to mark the respect and thankfulness for the doctors and nurses who are giving their best to improve the situation with the coronavirus outbreak. In this world crisis, the medical workers are fighting at the frontlines with the invisible enemy, putting their health at high risk. The statue will be present on its spot for seven months.

During the outbreak of the current disease, Latvia is among the safest counties, with only approximately 1,000 registered cases and 30 deaths. The lockdown of the country started in March. Around the world, COVID-19 is present in exactly 214 countries, with more than 8.4 million infected, and over 450,000 deaths. The first appearance of the disease was noticed in December 2019, Wuhan, China.

Bikše, the artist, said that he was stuck in his projects, and he was scared. Furthermore, he declared:

The project ‘Medic for the World’ was supported by 20 sponsors, helping financially. If the sponsors weren’t present, the artist couldn’t do it on his own. According to Bikše, the sponsors and the response to his project represented the level of support in the country Latvia for medical workers. According to many surveys, the nurses in this country are beggarly paid, and that is crucial why many young people don’t want this profession. The artist and sponsors think that with their gesture, they will remind the governments to increase the salaries to the medical workers and motivate many young students to love and study precisely this profession.

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