Set Your Alarm: Moon, Mars and Earth Will Fall In Line Before Dawn

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lunar occultation of mars

Early on Tuesday morning, you should be ready to see how Mars will disappear from the sky, and this event will be visible from North America. Vanishing of Mars is a rare event that the astronomers call a lunar occultation. The event is called an occultation because three universe objects are in an alignment, which is just like the event of the conjunction of the Earth, Moon, and Sun.

As a consequence of this, the Red Moon won’t be visible because it will be right behind the Moon. These kinds of events are considered rare, and they can be seen several times throughout one decade, from a precise place of the planet. You won’t need special equipment to see this conjunction, because it will be visible with a naked eye. The reason for this visibility is the brightness that the objects have on their own.

lunar occultation of mars

We cannot tell you the precise time when Mars will vanish from the sky, because that depends on your location. Those who live across the eastern United States, the conjunction, or to be more literature, the occultation, will happen right after sunrise. The daylight makes the visibility more complicated. People who live across in the Plains and Rockies, own a better position, they can see how Mars vanishes behind the Moon in the dark, and it will happen around sunrise. The western U.S. countries own the best zone for the observation of this event. These people can even photograph the occultation. The Red Planet should emerge from the backside of the Moon, and this will happen in the dark so that you will have high visibility. Furthermore, AccuWeather gives you the precise time when to set up your alarm and not to miss this rare and fantastic occultation.

moon mars occultation

But, unfortunately, the time is not the only thing you need to remember for this event. Well, it is good to know that the upcoming storm may spoil your moment of happiness. The weather conditions must be cloud-free to see this event and enjoy it. For Tuesday, the meteorologists say that they are expecting cloudy and rainy weather from eastern Texas, through the Southeast and northward into the Midwest. Furthermore, the clouds may represent a problem for the northern and central Rockies, and even snow is expected. So, if you want to be on the safe side for this event, the clear areas for observation of this event will be the central and southern Plains and the Southwest.

We already told you that you wouldn’t need a telescope, but if you want to make your job easier, you can take one. If you observe this occultation from the eastern U.S. zones, you will need one, and the reason is the daylight. Furthermore, a piece of beneficial equipment is the binoculars so that you will see a closer look at Mars and the Moon in the sky. The lunar occultation is among the top ten astronomy events of 2020. It also represents the first lunar occultation of Mars that will be visible from the United States after seven years. The last time when this event was apparent from the U.S. was on May 9, 2013. The other places of the world can see this kind of event on December 14, 2020, claims the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.



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