We Are About to See a Rare Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse For the First Time After 150 Years

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Full Blue Moon in Libra

If you were awestruck by the Super Moon on the New Year’s Day, you should hold onto your pants.

Somewhere around midnight, on 31st of January, the Full Moon will not just be a Super Moon, but it will also be a Blue Moon and a blood moon as well.

The Blue Moon and a Lunar Eclipse

The Blue Moon will come as it will be the second Full Moon in this month. This will happen in every two and a half years, hence the saying “once in a Blue Moon.”

But, you should wait, because these two celestial events, the Blue Moon and the Super Moon will actually coincide with a total lunar eclipse.

And with the planet Earth between the Sun and the Moon, sunlight has to pass through the atmosphere of the Earth, which scatters the green to violet light more than it scatters the red light. So, as the moon will appear red, it is called a blood moon too.

That is actually three big Moon moments in just one glorious night for sky watchers. The best place from which this Blue Moon can be seen is central and eastern Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.

The last time when all the three events lined up this perfectly was more than 150 years ago. The last time that humans have seen a total eclipse of a Blue Moon was on 31st of March, 1866, according to Canon of Lunar Eclipses.

The US will miss out on the full spectacle because the eclipse will happen too close to the Moon set.

In the graphic below, you can see where the eclipse will be visible.

For Australia, the point of greatest eclipse will happen at around 23:30 AEDT. The totality will last for about 1 hour and 16 minutes.

Image credit: Shutterstock (licensed by IBMN)


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