Saturn Is Visible In The Night Sky During The Whole Week

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Everything is moving in the Universe, the planets, moons, stars, Sun, and all other celestial objects. Because of this power, sometimes, in the night sky, we can see some of these objects, which is an excellent experience for us who live on Earth.

This week, Saturn is very bright, so its prominence allows it to be seen from our perspective. If you haven’t seen it so far, you can still see it at night.

It is visible because, on July 20, Saturn went in opposition to the Sun and created a perfect position to be seen from Earth. Besides, if you have special equipment like binoculars or telescope, you can even see its rings.

Forbes explained what opposition is. It is a position created during the planet’s path around the Sun, and Earth passes between the Sun and the space object, in this case, Saturn. The location of the Earth, Sun, and Saturn results in entirely illuminated disks of Saturn.

You can see or look for Saturn in the sky between Sagittarius ad Capricorn. It won’t take you too much to find it because of its brightness and prominence. Besides, you may see some of the moons around this planet because they will also be bigger and brighter.

Inverse commented on this fantastic space body. The comment consists of the statement that as all celestial objects move in the Universe, our planet passes between Saturn and Sun, and Saturn is placed as close as possible. Consequently, it will appear in the sky bigger and brighter than usual, and we can see it. Its appearance is described as a golden star located next to Jupiter.

Furthermore, it will be placed on the southeastern sky, right before the constellation Sagittarius. Besides the planet, we can also see its disks, with a naked eye, but binoculars or telescope will be very helpful.

Also, as Inverse claims, with the aid from technology, we can see some of its moons. We are advised to go somewhere high to reduce light pollution in big cities. Balcony or rooftop is obligatory. For a better view, you should eliminate any possible light like the one coming from the screens or flashlights, so our eyes will adapt to darkness. We should do this thirty minutes before we decide to search for Saturn in the sky.

Note that Saturn will still move and get higher in the sky.

We highly recommend you to put this event into your planner and not to miss it. All in all, small things make people happy, so share this moment with the people you love the most! It will be an unforgettable experience!

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