Stunning And Rare Solar Eclipse Will Unleash A ‘Ring Of Fire’ This Weekend

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If you don’t have any plans for this weekend yet, we suggest you enjoy the perfect ‘Ring of Fire.’ The Moon will dramatically cover the Sun. Only the edges are visible that form a shape that looks like the Ring of Fire. This beautiful event will happen on June 21.

The eclipse chasers are very excited, and they will go anywhere just to see this incredible event. It is not just a usual one, but it is an annular solar eclipse. The meaning of this expression is when the Moon is far enough from the earth to cover almost the entire surface of the Sun, but it is not that big, so the edges of the Sun will be visible, and the covering process will look like the Ring of Fire.

This eclipse will be something spectacular.

From where it will be visible?

Well, this solar eclipse can be observed in the Eastern Hemisphere but in other areas of the US as well. According to, approximately 13 countries will be able to experience this phenomenon:

The eclipse path begins its second trek through Saudi Arabia near the town of Al Kharkhir. For residents there, the annular phase will last 28 seconds, but anyone who travels just 19 miles (30 km) west along Highway 180 can gain an additional 30 seconds. The centerline of the antumbra leaves Saudi Arabia at the Oman border northeast of the village of Ardah at 5h31m07s UT.

The eclipse begins in Oman in a desert region devoid of cities or even small towns. Climate data points to extremely hot, dry days, with the average cloud cover below 5 percent. The country’s capital, Muscat, a city of 1.7 million, lies northwest of the path of annularity. Even so, the residents there will enjoy near-umbral darkness as the Moon covers 98 percent of the Sun’s disk. Venus should stand out well at mid-eclipse.

How safe is it?

It is not safe to look at it. An annular solar eclipse is different from the total solar eclipse. You must wear some special solar equipment to protect yourself. It is the same with the cameras; they must have some protectors of the solar eclipse called solar filters. People should wear some kind of solar eclipse glasses if they want to see the phenomenon.

But, if there is some thin cloud, people will be able to see the event, without any protective glasses. The experts claim that the people who chase the eclipse, would like to see the phenomenon through the clouds, so they see it at sunrise and sunset.

It is very colorful, and it is easier to take a picture of it. If you see the Ring of Fire when it is the highest in the sky, you can only see and photograph a rudimentary ring-on-black eclipse.

Why people travel to see the annular eclipses?

It is worth traveling for these eclipses, but if you visit, you must find a perfect place. People will see something, but it depends on which location they are. The eclipse- chaser will have the experience that their own created.

The solar eclipses can be tracked so that the astronomers can predict them thousands of years in advance. So, for every eclipse, people can be ready.


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