Remote Island Wants You And A Friend To Live There Free And Run Its Coffee Shop

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great blasket island

At the beginning of this year, in January, the Irish Island called the Great Blasket announced an opening of a different job, and the announcement was made on Twitter.

They wanted to recruit two people, and they may be a couple or two friends that would want to run a coffee shop and island cottages in the duration of six months. The project would start in April, and they should run the coffee shop until October.

Adequate accommodation and food during the stay will be provided.

The fantastic island is placed in County Kerry, a few miles away from the Southwest coast of the country. During your stay here, you will have the most uncomplicated and most peaceful period of your life. The whole island is tiny, but the residents there are very intimate, warm, and easygoing, so they have a very relaxed communal experience.

The whole surface of the island is 4.29 km2, and the most exciting thing is that no one lives there permanently. Those who have houses there spend some period each year there, and then they come back to their everyday life. If you look for a wave of peace and some tranquility, this is a perfect place. On this island, you will find the purest form of off-grid living, without electricity, so forget about Wi-Fi or running water.

Moreover, some people would like to spend the rest of their lives here, no matter that they don’t have some things that are a must for modern society. Many people want to escape the routines, and to change something in their lives, so they choose precisely this place.

On this island, you can expect lush greenery, preserved castles, rolling hills, and many romantic landscapes, and it spreads some medieval vibrations.

The rough and uneven terrain is the reason why the Great Blasket Island is unpopulated, and undeveloped like the rest of the modern ones. The highest number of population that some period has lived there was 160, and the Smithsonian Magazine proved this.

If you want to visit this island, that looks like nature planted its whole beauty there, you can find it on 2 km away from the coast of the County Kerry, and you can reach there with ferries and motorboats.

Can you still apply?

So, as we already said, there was an application opened, but, unfortunately, it was closed on January 30. During the period the app was opened, the management received more than 38,000 applications from all over the world. We are not the only ones that want to run a coffee shop precisely in this place. It turns out that too many people would like to run a business and live in one of the top ten destinations in the world.

The management shared on twitter that they were shocked to have received so many applications. In the beginning, they thought that no one would like to leave their hometown to move in such a peaceful and empty land, but they were wrong:

We are beyond overwhelmed at the response for the job post. Posting the advert last year, we were concerned we would not find ANYONE willing to leave their job, pack their bags and move to a wind-swept island with no electricity OR hot water in the middle of the Atlantic, off the Dingle peninsula for 6 months of the year! We have received over 23,000 applications. If only we could get everyone who applied to stay for one night, we’d be fully booked for…

In the beginning, they had 23,000 applications, and they estimated that no more applications would arrive, but the management was very wrong. Once again, they posted on January 30, that they were closing the applications, and by that period they have received precisely 38,738 applications. They published on their Twitter account that the application is over, and if you don’t hear any response, you are not chosen.

But, the whole coronavirus pandemic delayed the announcements for chosen persons.

The coronavirus situation has stopped travel and tourism, so it is not a convenient time to open a coffee shop. Once the situation calms down, and the government says the travel bans are not present, the shop will be opened.

Great Blasket Island is a beautiful and peaceful place. So, if you couldn’t go there as a person who will run a coffee shop, you can visit it as a tourist. In both of the cases, you will be amazed by the beauty it offers.

Also, all those people who want to take a break of social media, technology, phones and exhausting life routines, visit this place and you will collect memories in tranquility.

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