Full Red Moon Tonight — Get Ready To Receive Tons Of Positive Energies!

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Biggest And Brightest full moon Of 2020

The Aquarius Full Moon this year will appear in the sky on August 3-4. This full Moon will welcome the eighth month this year and will build energies of the Lionsgate Portal.

Full moons are regarded as illuminating things, opening our eyes to see brighter, realize the truth, and think out of the box.

Maybe things are not that clear, perhaps they are a little bit foggy, but this event will force you to think and look again, see the things that are in front of your nose, and find your answers.

Uranus, the planet of awakening and change, is the one that will be active in August, especially during the full Moon.

When the Kundalini energy rises, we will feel it from our toes to our head and beyond. Then, we will learn new things and experience life in a completely different way.

You can activate this energy by setting an intention and tuning in. Nothing can be forced, so you need to allow and welcome it if you think you should make this move.

The opening of the Lionsgate Portal will help the process of awakening and activating energy.

This portal opens every year and reaches its peak on August 8, but no matter that it is later, the energy will be brewing during the full Moon.

When the Sun achieves the peak of Leo Season (here Sirius is already present, the Spiritual Sun), then is the time when the Lionsgate is activated. With the activation process, it shares messages, downloads, and insights into Earth. So, only if we tune-up, we will start to accept downloads, intuitive wisdom, and ideas and inspirations that will serve us for better guidance.

For more questions, new wisdom, stretching of the mind to new heights, we must reach higher under the light of precisely this Aquarius Full Moon.

The crucial thing that you need to bear in mind is that you should open yourself to the energy and observe the information. Commonly, during the full moon period, we like to speak what we want, to call in, but this energy isn’t functioning that way. In this case, the power will call us, and we will enter a place of allowing.

If we could only keep our mind quiet, and reach beyond our knowing, we will discover some information that we weren’t aware that we have. You will receive new information and downloads, and also we would find them easier to obtain.

Every living person can receive downloads, the only thing they should do it to go outside under the light of the Moon, ask for wisdom straight into your being.

We need to be open to the downloads we receive, to believe in our abilities, and be patient. Once we realize things aren’t meant for us, we will set them free.

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