Polar Vortex, the Zone of Frigid Arctic Air is Coming: Prepare for Dangerous and Brutal Cold!

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Polar Vortex

This is one of the most extreme outbreaks in years of very cold arctic air, surging over Great Lakes and Upper Midwest. The large lobe of this polar vortex, which is the zone that is full with frigid air which winds all over the North Pole, breaks off, and the temperatures are going to plunge about 40°F, which is 22°C, which is below the normal close of its core.

A part of this brutal cold is going to come to Northeast and to Mid-Atlantic, but it is not going to be that severe. The zone that will be hit the hardest starts from Iowa and Minnesota through Michigan, also including the cities of Minneapolis, Green Bay, Madison, Indianapolis, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Chicago, and even Detroit.

The National Weather Service tweeted:

Wind chills … should be the coldest since the mid-1990s in parts of the eastern Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

The office of the National Weather Service that serves Chicago also tweeted:

 There’s no mild way of saying it. Brutal cold is coming.

It also predicts temperatures of the air being almost -20°F, while wind chills reaching about-35°F or -45°F.

Madison and Milwaukee are also facing a brutal cold. Discussing the forecast in the area, the Weather Service has written that dangers of predicted temperatures cannot be overstated, and it noted that they are going to be from 30 to about 40°F, which is 17 to about 22°C below the normal. It said that for the month of January, this was incredible.

According to the forecast discussion of the Weather Service, the cold air definitely has the power to have life-threatening effects. It also said that this is probably the most frigid air which a lot of people are ever going to experience. Moreover, it warned that frostbite might happen within several minutes under these conditions.  It advised:

 Make sure your heating system, pipes, etc. are as well-prepared as possible. It may be wise to stock up on groceries between now and Monday evening so outdoor time is minimized.

Minneapolis’ low temperature may also fall to almost -25°F, and the wind chills may plummet to about -50°F or -46°C. The Weather Service Office which serves the Twin Cities tweeted that the weather is going to be brutally cold. Some areas of northern Minnesota will likely see temperatures of the air lower than -30°F, while the wind chills will be from -55 to about-60°F or -61°C.

A part of this cold may also reach the Northeast and also Mid-Atlantic; however, the intensity of it will probably ease because it comes near to the coast. The temperatures will probably fall from 10 to about 25°F or 5 to about 13°C lower than the normal, but they will probably not break the record.

Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by IBMN)/By Esteban De Armas

Source: The Washington Post

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