Poland Has Unveiled a Gorgeous Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle Path That Charges Using Sunlight

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Credit: TPA Sp. z o.o.

If you ever plan on visiting Poland, be sure to bring your bike. That way you won’t miss out on trekking the luminous bike path which is completely self-sustaining, as it’s charged by the sun.

Located near Lidzbark Warminski, the bike path is illuminated by phosphor, a synthetic material that lights up after it’s been charged by the sun. The starry-looking path was inspired by Studio Roosegaarde and was created by TPA Instytut Badań Technicznych Sp. z o.o,

Said Igor Ruttmar, president of TPA Sp. z o.o.,

    “The material we used for the track gives light for over ten hours. That means the road can radiate throughout the whole night and reaccumulate light the following day”

Reportedly, the bike path is meant to improve the safety of people biking at night. The fact that it’s so beautiful is an added bonus.

Though the luminophores, or “particles” in the bike lane material can emit a variety of colors, the designers behind the project picked blue to best fit in with the surrounding landscape. Next Nature Network relays that a priority was to ensure the lane was as sustainable as possible, as well as cost-effective, that way it did not need to cost more than traditional bike paths.

The Starry Night bike path used from the Van Gogh-themed lane is actually quite different than the one installed in Poland. Reportedly, Studio Roosegaarde’s bike lane was lit by LEDs powered by as solar array and “light-collecting paint”. TPA Sp. z o.o’s bike lane, however, doesn’t require any power source other than the sun.

Because the bike lane is still being tested, it is unknown how long the fabulous-looking path will continue to last. For now, it’s one more reason to visit Poland if the opportunity is presented.


by Amanda Froelich

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