‘Please help’! Celebrities Are Donating And Urging Awareness For The Bushfires In Australia

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Many international celebrities showed support for the bushfire victims in Australia. Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez are already sharing posts on social media, and they encourage their fans to donate. Alecia Beth Moore or well known as Pink wrote that she is devastated, and she is pledging a donation of $500,000.

Around 1,500 homes have been destroyed across New South Wales, and Victoria and the national bushfire death toll reached 23.

Selena, through an article on Instagram, shared a link urging her followers to donate.

The 30-year-old singer Chris Brown posted on Instagram a heartbreaking message that was sent from one of his fans. He was begging for any help or spreading awareness. The situation in Australia is 1000 times worse compared to the fire that happened in California in 2018.

chris brown australia fires

In an impassioned tweet, Bette Midler told Prime Minister Scott Morrison to “lead” the country and start a conversation regarding climate change.

bette midler australia fires

New South Wales and Victoria announced a week-long state of emergency. As experts predicted, Saturday has proved as devastating, with the national bushfire death toll of 23. Two people lost their lives on Kangaroo island while 21 are missing in East Gippsland. Approximately 1,500 homes are destroyed so far, and 311 fires are still ravaging the parched land. The Prime Minister gave an order to 3000 defense force reserves to help in the bushfire recovery.

If you’d like to donate to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief, click here.

To donate to the St Vincent de Paul Society appeal for bushfire victims, click here.

For donations to Victoria’s Country Fire Authority click here and here for the NSW Rural Fire Service.

To donate to Foodbank click here and here for the World Wildlife Fund.


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