Piri Reis Map and the Lost City of Antarctica — the City of Atlantis Discovered below Antarctica?

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Lost City of Antarctica

The lost city of Antarctica, with a massive ancient civilization, lies frozen under the ice.

The Piri Reis map

A Turkish admiral named Piri Reis has created a map in 1513 depicting an ice-free Antarctica. This was long before its discovery by two Russian explorers in 1820. Archeologists found this map at Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace in 1929.

The mystery lovers are most excited with the bottom edge of the map. They believe it represents Antarctica. Some features of Antarctica are clearly recognizable on the map. According to some claims, Antarctica is hiding an enormous city underneath the ice. Looking at the Piri Reis map, some explorers can say “Look, it has the subglacial topography of Antarctica,” before they even could know what it was.

Piri Reis map

Under the ice, about two miles beneath, there is a vast complex, buildings all over the place and it looks very industrial, smoke coming out them, steam coming out of them, and it’s very human looking. The Ice Bridge operation led by NASA has experts believing that beneath the ice lies remains of an ancient civilization. Is it alien? Furthermore, recent scientists think that under the ice shell lies the lost city of Atlantis.

Nazis, WW II, and Antarctica

While the Allied powers were invading Europe, the Nazis took a lot of their advanced R&D research, as well as development and brought it down to Antarctica. They already had some strong presence in South America, so they started developing bases in Antarctica.

In September 1939, Nazis sent the third expedition to Antarctica called “Neuschwabenland.” They already have a territorial claim on this area after their research endeavor from December 1938 to April 1939. They were using planes and hot air balloons searching for the best location to build a secret military base named Station 211.

The myth says that the Nazis set up a covered operation exploring the hollow earth and underground tunnels. The idea behind was to find abandoned, possible alien technology, and built a secret subterranean fortress.

In 1991, after the Soviet Union broke, the KGB released the Russian documentary feature about the Nazi base in Antarctica.

National Geographic released a similar article in October 1947. However, the US government immediately pulled virtually every issue of the magazine from circulation.

The lost city of Antarctica and Nazi secret base are still an open question. Is it possible that Nazis did reach the hollow earth using advanced alien technology?  Leave your comments below.

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