Peruvians Launch Banana Leaf Plates To Reduce Environmental Plastic Pollution

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Banana Leaf Plates

One project under the name ‘Bio Plant,’ was made by one small group of Peruvians.

This project has a great purpose; it will save the planet. The aim of this idea is using less plastic. The young Peruvians made plates of banana leaves so that the people will reduce the usage of the plastic ones.

These banana plates, ones they are out of use, will decompose in 2 months, and they will be completely degraded, naturally, for 60 days.

On the other hand, the plastic plates that we are used to, need 500 years to decompose, and will also cause enormous pollution and damage to flora and fauna on the planet.

The Innovate Peru Program financially supports this project, so the participants in the project could design machines and tools for the production of 50,000 plates monthly.

The leader of this project is Josue Soto.

He described that they worked with several producers in the Peruvian Amazon, and they had an affordable price and helped then to take advantage of the losses of banana cultivation.

Another innovative project was one of the Chuwa Plant group. They made plates of paper and cardboard, which were also easily disposable. They were made for single-use and can contain different types of food.

The banana plates have a rectangular shape, and the dimensions are 22cm x 16cm x 3cm.

banana leaf plates
Credit: Chuwa Plant

They are not carcinogenic because they are from organic components.

These plates have already been used in the country. You can buy 100 plates for US$ 29.64-35.56.

As time passes by, the price can be lowered.


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