People Realize They Have Astigmatism After A Photo Comparison Goes Viral

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The night drive is a smooth action unless you struggle with astigmatism. Those people who struggle with this condition have a problem to drive during the night. The lights are blinding, as they say, in a weird spider-web way. A person who struggles with this problem said that he has tried to explain what is happening to him to his wife, but still, she didn’t get it. While scrolling on his Twitter account, he found a tweet that describes his situation completely. Then he showed the post to his wife, and now she knows why he doesn’t want to drive during the night.

This eye-opening tweet went viral comparing the way people with astigmatism view light vs all others. 

The UnusualFacts account published the tweet, and it shows the exact difference in seeing the lights during the night time. It consists of two pictures representing lights. In the first photo, it is shown how the people with astigmatism see, and in the second one is how ordinary people see.
Astigmatism represents a vision condition that results in blurred vision.  It happens when the cornea, the clear front cover of the eye, is not shaped correctly, or it may occur because of the curvature of the lens that is inside the eye. As a consequence of the deformation comes blurred vision.
Besides, we present to you an image of what the night drive looks like to an eye without problems.

A regular eye consists of properly curves shaped and curved cornea and lens. But, that is not the case with the people who have astigmatism. One element, whether the cornea or lens, in this case, is egg-shaped. In a healthy eye, the properly curved cornea and the lens refract every kind of light, to produce a standard focused image on the retina.

healthy eye
Image credits: UnusualFacts6

Furthermore, in the picture below, you can see what night drive looks like to the people with astigmatism.

people with Astigmatism
Image credits: UnusualFacts6

In a damaged eye, the improperly curved cornea or lens stops the light rays to band properly. And this results in blurred vision.
But, besides the disorder, people can still have hassle-free lives. The most common solutions for these issues are glasses, contact lenses, and refractive surgery. The night drive for the people with astigmatism is a nightmare. The lights bend and shift, and also, there is another enemy which can join the previous one-the rain. The bond of the enemies is dangerous. When the rain falls on the black pavement during the night, plus the lights, it is downright blinding. The picture below presents the focus of the light through a healthy cornea and the cornea with astigmatism.

Image credits: wikipedia

Many people, when they saw the picture, realized that they do struggle with this vision condition. If you think that you have the symptoms or that you do struggle with astigmatism, please make an appointment with your optometrist.

Your health is crucial! Take care of yourself.

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