Owner finds his lovable ‘missing kitten’ peacefully asleep under his golden retriever’s big ear

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A man from China has found his lovable ‘missing kitten’ hidden under the ear of his dog.

Qi Le, a person that lives in Yingkou City, in Liaoning, has gently lifted the floppy ear of his dog, a golden retriever, in order to find the small sleeping ginger kitten under it.

The man desperately searched everywhere in order to find the lost kitten, only realizing where the pet was probably hiding, right after he spotted some strange movements under the ears of his dog, the golden retriever.

According to the American Kennel Club, which is based in the New York State, golden retrievers dogs are intelligent, devoted, and most of all friendly. That’s probably why it felt so comfortable with the kitten under its ear.

The American Kennel Club also said online that golden retrievers are sturdy, and muscular dogs, which are of medium size too, and are famous for their lustrous and dense coat of gold which is another reason inspiration for the name of this breed.

Golden retrievers are the popular breed of Scottish gundog, and they have a very gentle nature too. That’s why cats can take advantage of these dogs when they need a place for taking a nap.

This video of the amazing event has been filmed on the 22nd of January of this year.

What is your opinion about this situation? What do you think: Can cats and dogs be best friends, after all?


Image Source: Newsflare

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