New York Museum To Exhibit A 12-Foot Amethyst

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amethystCREDIT: Courtesy Museum of Natural History

Soon the Museum of Natural History will make an exhibition of the world’s most massive gems, among which is a 12-foot amethyst.

The Allison Mignone Hall of Gems and Minerals is reopening this fall by the American Museum of Natural History.  It has been a part of the New York museum since the 1970s. In 2017 it was closed because of the renovations.

It consists of 11,000-square-foot, the exhibit will reopen again this fall, to celebrate the museum’s 150th birthday.

To all the museum-goers: the reopening will be a must-see event because it will contain interactive and touchable displays.

You must be asking what new they have to show.

In the new hall, they will exhibit two of the world’s most massive amethyst geodes. The quartz crystals originate in Uruguay, and their height reaches 9 and 12 feet. The larger one weights more than 9,000 pounds.

The gallery has an entirely new look.  Different shades of orange and green colors glow on a wall-sized panel of rock, creating a luminous walk through the gallery.

On display, you can also find a 9-pound garnet, for which the experts say it provides safety, empowerment, and strength.

The biggest stone or the giant stone is also known as the ‘subway stone.’ It was discovered under the streets of Manhattan at the end of the 19 century (1885).

The two most impressive gems stored in this museum are the 563-carat ‘Star of India’ sapphire, and 632-carat Patricia emerald. These two gems will still be available for the public, just as they were before the museum was closed in 2017.

Furthermore, the fantastic jewelry pieces made by famous brands like Cartier, Bulgari, and Tiffany will be presented on the display of the ‘Beautiful Creatures’ exhibit.

This reopening and birthday celebration is something that you shouldn’t miss. I won’t miss this event for sure.

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