Magnificent New Beginnings And Strong Solar Energy With The Powerful New Moon In Leo Tonight

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new moon in leo

The power of the Sun will be boosted when it will shift into Leo. It is an event that happens every year.

On August 18, the Moon will start its new cycle, so we will feel the intensity of the Leo, which will influence the newborn Moon. This event will teach us a lesson: even after the darkest nights, the Sun will rise again, and we will have our energy back. During the night sky, we will be guided to conjunct with our inner Sun. Everyone has to allow the light to illuminate the things that have been hiding all this time.

This year, we were all witnesses of dramatic changes, from which most were negative. Remember that you must be grateful for all the chances and opportunities we had to grow and evolve. Did you seize all the opportunities that came on your way?

What happened in the past stays in the past! But, it must serve us as a reminder and lesson for our further life. Because of that, we can think of ways how to double down on new chances that may come on our roads. Besides, you must know that maximizing an opportunity isn’t always a productive one.

Maybe Mars is busy, but the Moon will burst positive energy and a lot of motivation. This motivation will be enriched by Mars too. As a consequence of the two powerful space objects’ double motivation, we will take part in the action. Mars will also help us to finish and clear the pending work.

On the other side, those who are continually overworking will be burnt out with the Mars energy. Consequently, you must pay attention to the inner self and find balance. As a result, we may be overwhelmed or finish some unfinished business. Either way, we will reach a balance in our lives.

Don’t doubt anything that will happen in your life during the Leo New Moon because if something happens, it is because you need that. Maybe you won’t see it immediately, but you will see it later for sure.

Patience will save and improve your life.

Something that you should do on August 18 is to protect your energy. One of the things you can do is use herbal cleansing, sitting with crystals, or maybe a saltwater bath. With the help of Mars, we can also exercise and do some breathing exercises.

Once the New Moon becomes full, some information will come to the surface. During this time, some painful truths will be revealed.

Energy and friction will increase tensions. Arguments with the loved ones can occur but bear in mind that the conflicts are temporary, and love is forever.

Be smart; use your intelligence. All the adverse events in our life are there with some purpose, so be calm and think! The Moon will return your calm!

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