Scientist Have Discovered Huge World Of New Hidden Galaxies That Could Solve Important Universe Questions

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hidden galaxies

The Universe is the biggest mystery to humankind, and it was the main topic even in ancient times when many scientists tried to understand and solve some puzzles related to it. Since then, more and more scientists are trying to give answers about the Universe through their discoveries and observations. But it seems that space is an enormous complex that hides an endless number of mysteries.

Thirty years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope was launched, and it allowed the astronomers to explore a whole new world. Nowadays, modern technology will enable scientists to link different observatories to look deeper and further into space than ever before. Recently, a host of new galaxies have been discovered that were hidden from view until now. Scientists believe that this great discovery will help to solve some critical questions about the Universe, such as dark matter and black holes.

‘These galaxies that were previously invisible to us will contravene current models. They will help to add some details which were unknown until now,’ explained Dr. Tao Wang, from the University of Tokyo.

‘If you were able to see those galaxies with a naked eye, the night sky would appear far more majestic with larger and brighter stars.’

But conversely, this massive amount of dust makes the stars that are farther away less visible, so the background to these close stars might be a dark emptiness. It is so difficult to see the 39 galaxies from the Earth because they are so faint. The light that reaches the Earth is stretched and reduced because of the great distance.

‘We use Atacama Array (ALMA) because the light from these galaxies wasn’t visible to our eyes and undetectable by Hubble. ‘I know that device would deliver good results,’ said professor Kotaro Kohno who worked on the new study published in “Nature.”

‘Stretching of the light is an excellent way to prove how far it traveled and calculate how old the galaxies are. It was hard to understand that these galaxies were as old as we suspected them of being. The first clue that led to this discovery was the infrared data from the Space Telescope. But the ALMA can reveal details at submillimetre wavelengths, and it proved the existence of ancient massive galaxies,’ added Dr. Wang.

‘In the near future, I believe we are going to discover that galaxies are more shocking then we realized. The Webb Space Telescope is going to show us what these massive galaxies are made of. I eagerly wait for the upcoming observations.’

These significant discoveries will help scientists to learn more about the entire universe and how the supermassive black holes are formed.

‘The massive galaxies are closely related to the distribution of the dark matter, and this has an essential role in shaping the structure of the galaxies. Now is the time when theoretical researchers should make an update in their theories,’ said Professor Kohno.


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