Nasa’s Mars InSight Touches Down on Martian Surface Hoping to Drill Down into the Mysteries of the Red Planet

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InSight Lander

NASA has announced that the Mars InSight Lander successfully landed on the face of the planet. The Lander ended its journey that lasted for six months and over 300 million miles.

This InSight Lander has entered the atmosphere on Monday, and shortly after that, touched its surface. The final part of its journey was quite a distressing one, and NASA called it ‘seven minutes of terror’ because of the inability of the agency to control and handle the spacecraft’s landing. The last anxious movements ended after an official from the agency confirmed the touchdown.

The administrator of the agency, Jim Bridenstine, said that it was a unique and incredible experience.

Vice President Mike Pence posted a tweet, congratulating the agency, and its partners soon after the Lander touched the surface of the planet.

Chris Carberry stated that landing spelled some good and important news for some exploration of this planet in the future. He is the CEO of the “Explore Mars”, a non-profit company aiming to improve the purpose of sending people to the Red Planet within the following two or more decades.

Sending an e-mail to Fox News, he said that as a result of this successful landing, the agency would continue streaking of some extraordinary success in the orbit and on the surface of the planet Mars. Additionally, to gain better knowledge about the terrestrial planets’ origins and the seismically activity of the Red Planet right now, it is quite a significant step which opens some hopes of human beings landing on it from the 2030s and on.

The purpose of the InSight while it is on Mars.

This Lander is actually the primary probe of NASA to reach Mars in six years period, following the Curiosity Rover’s landing in 2012. This Rover is the single thing which operates on the surface of the planet Mars. Before that, in 2003 the Opportunity Rover was exploring the planet surface. However, due to a dust storm that hit the planet a few months ago, it is now inoperable.

The new probe, the InSight, is going to deep more profound into Mars than all the others that came before it.

The InSight or Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, is actually the primary spacecraft which was launched to different planets from West Coast. It took off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base situated in Central California. The launch was on the 5th of May this year atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas v 401 rocket.

The mission of the InSight is going to provide the scientists and researchers with a great deal of information and data. On its website, NASA explained that InSight would be the primary spacecraft that will study the profound interior of the Red Planet.

Originally, NASA scheduled the take off in March 2 years ago. However, after finding some problems with the main science instruments of the craft, they have delayed it.

NASA chose some spots for landing on Mars in 2020, to search for alien life.

The Red Planet is becoming larger and larger in the space futures of the United States.

The everlasting goal of the agency is to have a useful mission on the planet somewhere in the 2030s. Yet, Buzz Aldrin, the man who walked on the Moon, believes that doing that in 2040 would be more believable and realistic.

A few days ago, NASA also released an announcement in which it stated that it already selected the place and location of the landing of the Rover in 2020s. This new spacecraft is planned to land the planet Mars on 18 February 2021.

Featured Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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