Dozens Of Shooting Stars Tonight With The ‘Most Popular Meteor Shower’ Of 2020

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As time is passing by, we are approaching the time for the Perseid Meteor Shower in 2020. According to the best astrologers, it will be the best meteor shower this year and will produce a spectacle. Many people can’t wait to see this event, and they wait for it every year. The reason for this excitement is the high number of meteors per hour, and the fantastic view that we have. It is worth every second spent. declared that Perseid would reach its peak on August 12, 2020, during the early hours. But, if you want to catch a shooting star, you can do it right now. The only thing you should do is look in the North. Perseid meteor shower is made from debris leftovers from the comet named 109P/Swift-Tuttle, and it is the same we see the last couple of years. The name of the meteor shower comes from the constellation Perseus, which is its origin. commented on this topic. The previous year was the bright, full moon that made things messy for all skywatchers who wanted to see the Perseid meteor shower. We are all aware that Perseids are very rich in meteors, but the full moon spoiled most of the spectacle. This year, the shower will be only a little bit affected by the moonlight, but we still will be able to see the meteors. The best place to see the Perseid meteors is to visit the darkest location and observe the clear sky directly above you. Furthermore, the most appropriate time to watch this event is in pre-dawn hours.

We know that the peak will be on August 12, but the meteors will still be visible on August 11-13. Regardless of its climax, according to NASA, we can notice several bright meteors in the period between midnight and dawn, and we can see them every early morning before and after the peak. You should only look in the sky in the North, and wait for your bright meteor. If you live in the southern latitudes, stick to the northeast side if you want to see as many meteors as possible.

Skywatchers that observe the Perseid meteor shower can also see meteors from the Delta Aquariid meteor shower. I love to see this event repeatedly, and I feel the same excitement every year. Until now, I have spotted some meteors, but I can’t wait to see its peak.

It is going to be fantastic!

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