Mining Billionaire Andrew Forrest Donates Over $70 MILLION To Australia Bushfire Recovery Efforts

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Billionaire Andrew Forrest

Some celebrities have pledged 1 million dollars, others have set up fundraisers for the Australian bushfires, but the billionaire Andrew Twiggy Forest announced a donation of 70 million dollars.

All the money will be used on a wildlife relief package, supporting the country’s ongoing crisis.

Forest is a founder of Fortescue Metals Group and Minera Resources, which is the biggest nickel mining company. His net worth more than 8 billion dollars, and his donation will come from the Minderoo Foundation. It has been set up by him and his beloved wife, Nicola.

We are putting together a small army of 1,250 skilled personnel from first-aid, emergency first responders, tradespeople, electricians, carpenters, project managers, construction and clean-up personnel. Communities when they’re plagued by that much grief think automatically about just getting back what they’ve just lost. Unfortunately, that is impossible.

This is not a zero-sum game, this is a disaster and my family will react to the scale of the disaster.

According to an official statement, Minderoo Foundation announced another 50 million dollars for supporting the development of a long – term blueprint for the fire resilience:

Minderoo Foundation’s Fire Fund project will also invest in building long term resilience by convening leading experts to develop a globally relevant national blueprint for fire and disaster resilience. Minderoo Foundation will establish this project in early 2020 and launch a global effort to engage contributors and funders to raise approximately $500 million.

Around 100 people have been arrested for bushfire related offenses since the wildfires started spreading across the country. Forest pointed out that those people might have some guilt, but still, he assures that climate change is the primary driving force for this devastating inferno.

Ellen DeGeneres set up a GoFundMe to raise donations while many other celebrities donated a tremendous amount of money, such as Pink, Metallica, Chris Hemsworth, Kylie Jenner, and Elton John.


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