Meet The True Heroes On The Front Lines Risking Their Lives For Us

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True Heroes On The Frontlines

Worldwide, most of the people are sitting at their homes, watching TV, movies, cartoons, and practicing social distancing, while the medical workers are on the frontlines of the war against the coronavirus.

Healthcare workers are working and giving their best to save as many people as possible during the pandemic. All of them are covered from head to toe to protect their selves. Doctors and nurses are working double shifts, and once they are home, these people have swollen faces from the protective goggle masks on their faces. They are not feeling like heroes, but they want to share and raise awareness of how difficult this situation is.

The coronavirus has infected more than 964,000 people, and 49,240 people died, and the numbers are increasing from hour to hour.

On March 13, a doctor called Nicola Sgarbi, from Italy, shared a photo on his Facebook profile, how he looked like after 13-hours non-stop work, treating the affected from COVID-19. As a description of the photo, he said that he doesn’t love selfies. But, the photo was taken after long thirteen hours of work and after taking off the protective devices. Also, he added he isn’t feeling like a hero, but as an average person who wants to help in this war, just as all other nurses and doctors, technicians, and cleaners. His post went viral, and it is shared more than 74,000 times and has 240,000 likes.

Furthermore, a nurse called Sherry Dong, at the age of 25, works in the ICU at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, has posted a photo too. In the picture, Sherry and her colleague are wearing full protective gear. As a description, she has written that the personal at Johns Hopkins Hospital ICU is greeting the people from the frontlines. Furthermore, the nurse said that she is proud and grateful to all the medical professionals in the world who are in their working places fighting against the coronavirus. Also, Sherry asked the people who own any protective equipment and devices, to donate it to the hospitals, because they are running out.

Nurse Sherry Dong

On March 23, at the White House press briefing, doctor Deborah Birx gave some information regarding specimens specified by laboratories. She also mentioned and explained how crucial social distancing is, and how can we protect the most vulnerable among us.

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