Major Energy Shift With The Last New Moon Tonight — Prepare For Magic!

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Last New Moon Tonight

Sagittarius is a sign which seeks, breaks, and pushes through all the boundaries endlessly, in order to uncover crux, core, as well as the essence of the truth. However, this is not a soulless search – the quest of Sagittarius is an adventure, exploration of sensational, endless and flame-licking pleasure, as well as expansion.

People in this sign never say no. They cannot hold back, and they are the last ones when leaving a party.

The New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius.

The 6th or even the 7th of December, depending on your living place, will see a New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This will be the first one after Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion and love, one month ago shifted into Sagittarius, which is also its home sign.

While Pluto will show us some shadows, Saturn will move in so to legitimize.

On the other hand, the South Node actually carries some karmic lessons from which we still cannot relieve ourselves.

The year that comes will see the themes of this Capricorn season maturing, strengthening, as well as ruling, and the choice we make is only ours. It starts now.

The New Moon is going to peak in the cycle after two weeks, at zero degrees of Cancer – this is a critical and evaluative degree. Such degrees are where the beginning or ending happens – just like a portal of changes. So, what we do now is going to affect what will come in the future.

This New Moon asks us to show, as well as attend every party.

The sign of Sagittarius is the one that takes every risk, without knowing how it is going to finish; however, most of the time, the risk ends quite good.

What can we do during this period?

1. Sow our seeds.

We should set our intentions and aims, getting out of our heads, ego, and brain. We should let the sign of Sagittarius to expand our senses of potential. Probably, it is not everything about the destination – one simple blink can make us miss our arrival, so we should be more focused, instead of making some changes.

2. Choose what you will let to grow.

This abundance of Capricorn, as well as earthy soil which is underneath our own feet for this following 12 months actually, means the roots may, and even are going to be drawn very easily down, so we have to choose what we will let to grow. Also, we have to be aware of our visions.

3. Taking inspired actions.

Here, the planet Mars is the major player. However, as it will be tempered with all that calming sweetness of the subconscious planet Neptune, we will have to lead the assertive charges of it with Spirit. So, setting our intentions during this New Moon is not only about words, but there is some action required.

The energy of Sagittarius is mutable – actually, it flexes, adapts and acts, so we will have to do that too. The New Moon period will be the right and excellent time for spreading our wings.

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