Look Up! You Will Witness Both A Solar And Lunar Eclipse In June

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solar and lunar eclipse in june

June is the month that all lovers of astronomy have been waiting for. This month we will face one lunar and one solar eclipse. The energies of both eclipses will work together and make the impossible possible for us. The Lunar eclipse is happening on the night of June 5, and the Solar eclipse is occurring on 21st. If you didn’t know, the lunar eclipse, this time, will be penumbral. The meaning behind this name is that the moon has the same physical appearance as others; only it is a little bit darker. If you haven’t heard about this kind of event, you wouldn’t even notice it.

Because the two types of lunar eclipses are almost identical, they are not noticed in most cases. In contrary to this, the solar eclipse will be a spectacle. It is an annular solar eclipse, covering the sun’s center, creating a ‘ring of fire’ for us to enjoy. Time and Date explained why this solar eclipse is called an ‘annular.’ They explained that the word annular has a Latin origin, from ‘annulus.’

The eclipses got their name because of the darkest, or maximum point, no matter if it lasts for a moment. If the ring of fire is apparent from, at least, one place on Earth, then the eclipse is called an annular solar eclipse. Moreover, most of the time, particularly this annular type of solar eclipse, seems like a partial one. It is a common characteristic of total solar eclipses, and the rare hybrid solar eclipses, too. In this case, the maximum annular point is in one location, and the total maximum point in another.

Both of the eclipses in June will be visible from Ethiopia, Northern India, China, and several parts of Africa. The two eclipses happening in June, are part of the six expected to occur this year, 2020.

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