Leonid Meteor Shower Will Light Up The Sky With Shooting Stars This Weekend

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leonid meteor shower

This weekend you must be ready for a meteor shower. During the weekend it is expected to reach its peak.

The meteor shower called Leonid is active during the whole year, but its peak it will reach in November.

To be more precise, the Leonid meteor shower will happen during the night of November 17, until the dawn of November 18.

Space.com claims that the best view will be around 3 a.m. But because of the bright moon, the meteors may be hard to see. People can expect around 15 meteors an hour, NASA declared.

As a solution to this, Earth Sky advised watching the meteor shower in a shadow. It can be done with mountain shadow to hide the moonlight. Timeanddate.com says that the meteor shower appears as a result of the Earth passing through debris left by Comet called Tempel-Tuttle.

Leonid meteor shower is described as a shower from bright meteors and a lot of persistent trains. This event is very well known because of the meteors storms that it made in the past. The Latest meteor storm caused by Leonis was in 2001, next is expected to be in 2099.

Furthermore, there is another meteor shower that is expected to happen on November 21. It is the most energetic meteor rain of all, so it is assumed that there will be more than 400 meteors per hour.

This meteor rain is called Alpha Monocerotid, says Charlotte Observer. The duration of the active state of Leonids will be until November 30. The next shower is called Geminids. It will be in its active state from December 4 until December 17, claims American Meteor Society.

The Solar System has formed around 4.6 billion years ago. It is composed of the Sun which is the “Solar” while the “System” is composed of planets, comets, asteroids, meteoroids, and moons. The inner planets are mostly made of rocks and metals while the outer planets are made of hydrogen, helium and other gases.

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