Welcome to June, the Powerful Month That Brings Life-Changing Positive Energies

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Prepare yourself for the upcoming wave of energies that the month June brings. During this period, we will face many cosmic activities, and we will be quite busy.

June will be overwhelming, but the energies that are coming are positive and extra beneficial for us. In addition to this, keep reading further, and you will find out what all we will see in the skies of June 2020.

June 3 Welcomes A New Venus Cycle. 

At the moment, Venus is in Retrograde, representing the shape of an evening star. Very fast, this star will change its function and will transform into a morning star, marking the start of a new Venus cycle. At the very same moment, when Venus will be born again, so will we.

This time is perfect for forgiveness, healing, and love. We advise you to get in touch with your inner self and try to find out what is your deeper problem or issue.

Cancer Solar Eclipse on June 21 

A Solstice will happen on June 20, which will make a new way for the Cancer Solar Eclipse to take place on June 21.

The released energies will be persuasive, and we will experience them like a rebirth. To take advantage of the situation, you should focus on planting seeds. People need to pay attention and upgrade their foundation so that they can be more successful in future life.

Neptune Will Turn Retrograde On June 22 

The dreamy Neptune will wake up our inner spirituality and creativity. The released energies will be subtle, and we might not feel them consciously. Neptune’s power will affect our dreams and play with them. Also, it will make us aspire for some escape. We will find solutions to our issues in a creative way.

Venus Will Turn Direct on June 24/25 

Clarity is what we will see when Venus turns direct in Gemini. During this time, we must dissect our relationship issues. We are not talking only for a romantic relationship, pay attention to the links with your friends, family, and yourself.

Mars Will Enter Aries On June 27 

The warrior sensibilities will be woken up on June 27. Mars often moves with an interval of two months, but this time, it will stay in Aries until the end of 2020. This is the perfect time to work as much as possible on our long term goals.

Jupiter Retrograde And Pluto Retrograde Will Align On June 29 

This alignment is the second one of this kind during 2020. The first time it happened in April. We need to use the energies that are spread by these two celestial bodies to focus on our financial problems. Moreover, be careful and waste your money wisely.

Don’t make any impulsive decisions that are connected to money.

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