January 16-17th New Moon in Capricorn with 6 Planets Going Direct — A Breath Of Fresh Energy!

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New Moon

The first New Moon of January this year falls exactly at 26 – degree in Capricorn. It will feature the aspect pattern known as a learning triangle, thus a few good lessons need to be learned on this occasion.

The signs of Capricorn are very heavily tainted on this New Moon and it will be very powerful.  The power comes from Saturn entering the Capricorn. In this constellation, Saturn is the most comfortable and powerful.

This New Moon is very powerful, and the sign of Capricorn may prove to be a very difficult zone for this sensitive New Moon. This problem arises as the decan 3 Capricorn is very ambitious, and it demands a lot of power. This thirst for power, which it craves deeply, conflicts with the family demands and emotional ties as well.

In everyday life, this New Moon will highlight the “Behind the curtains” advisors that administer vicariously. A person has to be very careful when choosing the leader they wish to follow. Otherwise, that person will simply end up being a lap- dog-bullying superior. During this period, the orders should be followed unquestionably and consequently, loyalty will be appreciated. However, at the same time, take care and fix these loyalties, as they can be very costly if misdirected.

New Moon astrology:

This first New Moon of this year is very clear and shrewd. Its vibrations can easily be misused when not directly applicable. The “behind the scene” adviser will easily escape the blame and the king will definitely get the comeback. It may also happen that those who are touched by the New Moon may be seen as very untrustworthy and shadowy.

Terebellum, which is not very pleasant Star of January 2018 New Moon, is located on the hindquarter of the archer (on its horse part). Some experts, such as Robson, say that Terebellum gives an immense fortune, but it comes at great costs like cunning and mercenary nature, repulsiveness etc. One interesting fact about it is that the spelling of the word Terebellum is a very old typo that translates to “Earth–War”.

In today’s modern times, technology keeps us away from connecting to nature. In addition, all the overwhelming media distract us, so we do not have the ability to find time to explore our true selves. This makes us unsympathetic towards the fauna and flora. When people are under the influence of this star, they will consider it their duty to set the Earth free from the exploitation.

Aspects of the New Moon:

New Moon in conjunction with Venus wants, as well as gets a life of abundance and luxury. Nevertheless, what they truly want is love and peace. The people touched by the New Moon will crave for affection. They will also try their best in order to keep things very pleasant.

New Moon squares Uranus wants to shock. This time is very appropriate to come out in open to rebel, as well as resist against the established system. A marriage outside the established culture or moving to some new place also seems possible.

New Moon sextile Mars is extremely loving, as well as passionate. However, if the expression of this passion is impossible, it can turn into anger and create huge difficulties.

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