A Huge 150-foot Tall Iceberg Decided To Make A Pit Stop

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Through the Iceberg Alley, a lot of icebergs pass every spring. You may think that if you have seen one, you have seen all the chunks of ice. But, many residents made double take when one iceberg passes near the village of Ferryland.

The iceberg is around 150 feet above the water of the North Atlantic and makes the clipboard houses very small in the photoshoot made by Greg Lock in 2017. No one can know the real size of the enormous iceberg, but we must admit that It is something different than the rest of them.

It is unusually big in comparison to the other icebergs, claims Mayor Adrian Kavanagh, who is a resident of Ferryland. According to him, every ice is unique in its way.

Precisely this iceberg that we are talking about appeared three weeks ago, right at the beginning of the season of the icebergs down the Northern Atlantic coastline.

Every April, a couple of icebergs calve in the water of the Arctic Ocean, and they float away. Through their journey, they pass the Labrador and Newfoundland, until they reach an open sea.

This year their vacation has started earlier as a consequence of the terrifying storm that has happened in March, and icebergs calved more than usual. So, because that piece of an iceberg was more massive, it floated too close to the shore of the village, so it got stuck.

With this event, Ferryland became the most popular touristic destination during the Easter weekend.

The guard of the US Coast claims that at least 600 pieces of icebergs have strolled through the North Atlantic shipping lanes.

More than 80 of them are always present during this time of the year. Also, many smaller icebergs have shown off the coast of Ferryland, but this one is still present.

It has moved its position about a mile south, but it has stuck again. Mayor Kavanagh said that he believes the iceberg will move during the next two weeks. And, also, he won’t miss it when it isn’t present. The main reason for this attitude is that they see ice and icebergs every year; it is not like he has never seen one before.

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