Homeless Dog Keeps Following Strangers On The Street To Find Forever Home

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Homeless Dog

The heart-warming story about the homeless dog named Buzu living in the streets of Romania became known worldwide. He was a homeless dog desperately trying to capture passersby’s attention for a long time.

This homeless dog was dirty, lonely, starving, and neglected by people every day.

Unfortunately, people neglecting helpless pets is a common, worldwide issue.

Still, some people seemed to notice Buzu, so they improvised a shelter for the canine with an old cushion and a cardboard box. Being quiet and well-behaved in nature, Buzu never bothered anyone.

People living in the surrounding area didn’t know much about the homeless dog, except that he was homeless. So, he spent his days wandering around the roads looking for food scraps and longing for attention.

One day, he was noticed by the animal rescue organization called Howl of A Dog.

When a rescue worker set out to help, he noticed that the cushion was no longer there, as well as the bowl of water. As if the dog wasn’t suffering already.

The rescue worker from the organization took Buzu to the shelter where he was examined thoroughly. It turned out he had an ear infection, chronic skin issues, and torn teeth due to bones and other improper food he ate while being homeless.

The condition of Buzu improved significantly in the shelter, but after a year things got even better for him. He was adopted by a loving family in the UK, and is now living his best life together with the family and his sister, the cute dog Emma.

We couldn’t be happier for Buzu, but we also pray for other homeless dogs to get a second chance. Check out the epic’s story ending in the video below.


Video Credit: Howl Of A Dog via YouTube

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