Hemp Toilet Paper Is An Eco-Friendly Alternative And Could Save The World

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Hemp Toilet Paper

Probably toilet paper is the thing that we use the most, and it is multifunctional. Besides all its significant purposes, we never thought if it is beneficial or destructive for our environment.

According to some researches made in the US, the average person takes advantage of fifty pounds of toilet paper per year, and that is a colossal waste. But, if they use a hemp toilet paper, people will reduce the damage done to the Earth.

Toilet paper and its influence on the environment

The toilet paper is made with wood pulp from Canada’s boreal forest. If we count the number of trees wasted to create that much toilet paper, everything will be clear. It has a tremendous impact on the forests marked to make toilet paper, so the results are negative consequences for Indigenous Peoples, wildlife, and the global climate.

The largest world forest is the Canadian boreal forest. It represents home for numerous species, including the boreal caribou, Canada lynx, American marten, and other six hundred indigenous communities. Furthermore, this forest is the biggest enemy to climate change because it removes carbon dioxide.

Among the highest-ranked were Green Forest, 365 Everyday Value’s Bath Tissue, Natural Value, Earth First, Seventh Generation, and Trader Joe’s Bath Tissue. All the companies which were mentioned preciously got an A, and they use material which is recycled, so it makes their products eco-friendly.

The answer is Hemp

Hemp can be used for various purposes, and the best feature is that it is eco-friendly. This characteristic is the thing that America needs to save its forests.

Commercially grown Hemp has an elementary tactic, so it doesn’t require some particular pesticides to develop. It needs very little water, and it can balance out the nutrients in the soil. Hemp can be harvested in seventy days, not the case with the rest of the trees used for toilet paper.

Furthermore, Hemp produces four times more cellulose fibers within one acre, which is something outstanding. It has the best biomasses that make it able to grow up to six tons of Hemp per acre.

Another positive characteristic is that Hemp is cheaper to manufacture in contrary to other trees used for toilet paper. As the best characteristic is that hemp paper can be recycled from 7 to 8 times, and the rest of the papers can be recycled only three times.

The Side Effects of Hemp Toilet Paper

Well, nothing in the world is perfect; neither is hemp toilet paper.

One important thing is that the hemp tree is sourced sustainably and doesn’t negatively influence the forests.

They can be grown without pesticides, herbicides, or irrigation. Still, it needs more fertilizers and many chemical additives, which is not the case with the rest of the materials used for toilet paper. However, it is less harmful than cutting down the trees.

Besides Hemp toilet paper, as an eco-friendly option, we can use bamboo, like the company called Who Gives a Crap and Tushy. The reason why bamboo is the right choice is that it can grow up to 39 inches per day.

Also, we can use a bidet so that we will reduce the waste of toilet paper. There is a company named Family Cloth, and it is producing a reusable toilet paper, and this solution is for those who are devoted to cutting back the toilet paper usage.

Hemp Toilet Paper Companies

Unfortunately, not many companies are producing hemp toilet paper. In America, two companies are available, and those are HempSoSoft and Hempies. The two companies are doing everything to reduce the damage made on our planet by the production of toilet paper.

We as customers have the power to influence the larger companies and to raise awareness. Education is the most important thing. We need to educate ourselves precisely which toilet paper brands are using eco-friendly materials so that we would buy them, not the other ones.

Furthermore, we can speak up and urge the biggest companies like Procter and Gamble, to start using recycled materials and sustainable fibers.

You are the one that can change the world! Educate yourself! Be aware!

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