Heavy Rain FINALLY Pours Down In Australia Putting Out 30 Deadly Bushfires

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rain in australia

The world has never waited for the rain this much. Australia, now, is whole in the rain, severe thunderstorms, and flash floods.

The Australians are very grateful for the rain because, during the past several months, they have struggled with fires. To be precise, there were 120 fires all around Australia, and with the help of the rain, they have reduced to 88, on Thursday.

The Bureau of Meteorology expects 20 and 80mm quantity of rain to fall in the east of New South Wales. People worldwide are hoping that the rain will help the Australian citizens and Australian firefighters because they are the most exhausted nowadays. A non-stop fight between the firefighters and the flames for three months until now is something to be grateful to.

But, finally, the rain fell across several parts of Australia ravaged by the bushfires. The rain was heavy, and what they call ‘good fall,’ with a large quantity of water, so the worst bushfires are gone.

All of the people are hoping, and firefighter the most, that the rain will continue to fall across Australia, and with God’s help, the fires will vanish. Maybe the rain won’t extinguish all the fires, but at least it will make the firefighters’ job more manageable. According to the meteorologists, even wetter weather is coming. These are the best news for the citizens and the best of the best for the firefighters. A lot of thunderstorms and a massive quantity of water are expected to fall all over Australia. They even claim that the expected amount of water will be from 50-100 mm.

The rain put out 32 fires, and make the struggle of the firefighting service smaller.

australia rain
Image credits: Bobbafet192

The desperately required rain has already fallen, and in quantity of 15 mm. The rainy days are expected to continue for the next 2-3 days, with a quantity of over 80-100mm. Fires that vanished are 32, but 80 are still burning in the New South Wales area, and 18 of those are in Victoria.

It is such a happy feeling!

Featured Image Credit: RebeccaH2020


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