Debunking Evolution: New Genetic Study Challenges Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution

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If you have been following some genetic, as well as epigenetic studies that were conducted within the structures of modern science over the past couple of decades, you likely have suspected what we are about to tell you: Mr. Darwin has already left the building, his disheveled ‘Theory of Evolution’ in now.

There is a massive genetic study by Mark Stoeckle from The Rockefeller University in New York and David Thaler, at the University of Basel, Switzerland, puts a few more nails into an already-rotting coffin, opening the door for some new theories about our origin and the mechanisms behind the evolution of species on our planet.

Challenges to the convention.

In the traditional narrative about how evolution proceeds through survival-of-the-fittest, as well as adaption to new environments, which is based on random genetic mutations, it is reasonable to expect that species with some large and far-flung populations like ants and humans are going to become more genetically diverse over time than species that remain in one milieu. But, is this true?

In the process of analyzing the barcodes across 100,000 species, the researchers have found a telltale sign showing that almost all of the animals emerged about the same time as humans. They saw a lack of variation in the so-called “neutral” mutations, which are the slight changes in DNA across generations which neither help nor hurt the chances of survival of an individual. In other words, they were irrelevant regarding the natural, as well as sexual drivers of evolution. How similar or not these “neutral” mutations are to each other is like tree rings – they actually reveal the approximate age of a species.

An alternative theory of how people evolve.

The same explanation also goes for the sequence variation which is found among modern humans, and it also applies equally to the modern populations of essentially all other animal species. Namely that the extant population, no matter what its current size or similarity to fossils of any age, has expanded from mitochondrial uniformity within the past 200,000 years period.

Nonhuman animals, bacteria, as well as yeast, are usually considered “model systems” whose results can be extrapolated to humans. The direction of inference is reversible. Fossil evidence for mammalian evolution in Africa implies that most of the species started with some small founding populations and later expanded and sequence analysis was interpreted to suggest that the last ice age has created some widespread conditions for subsequent expansion.

The picture which we get here is that somewhere in the past, no more than 200,000 years ago, a lot of or all animal species got started with a mitochondrial clock set to 0. There is also evidence that these species started with some small founding populations and later expanded, and such extreme conditions, such as the last ice age, can give rise to a subsequent expansion.

It almost resembled the scenario of Noah Ark, doesn’t it? A cataclysmic flood wipes out all of the humans and animals on our planet, except the small few of each species, who started again to proliferate anew once when the flood ends, and the Earth becomes habitable.

Extraterrestrial intervention.

In order to really make this idea fit we would not be taking species from the previous world before the catastrophe, as their mitochondrial clocks are not going to be set to 0. Rather than that, we must see it as a new ‘seeding’ of species on the planet Earth after some catastrophe wipes out most or all of the species which were there before.

Nowadays, the idea that extraterrestrial civilization is, and have always been involved in our physical, as well as mental/emotional and spiritual evolution is pretty common within the awakening community. More highly evolved beings have been seen to have the ability to work directly in the genetic manipulation of species. For instance, the idea that we are part of a ‘Grand Experiment’ has been proposed by the whistleblower/speaker Corey Goode, who says that a ‘Super Federation’ of extraterrestrial beings are conducting 22 genetic experiments on the Earth which are purportedly designed to enhance the evolution of humanity.

It is also possible that the evolution of the human race was fostered in part by the genetic seeding of the human and animal kingdom of today with the advanced extraterrestrial civilizations almost 200,000 years ago? Well, at least there exists some new scientific evidence which leads us to ponder this possibility.

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