Tonight’s Full Moon 12/12 Is All About Miracles — Get Ready For New Beginnings!

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day of miracles

The Full Moon will spread intense and strong energy. But, this full moon is not an ordinary one; it is special.

The Witches know the power of this event, and they are preparing for that day for so long.

Benzoin can be used for call upon the Angelic Forces.

As we already said, this moon is not an ordinary one. On December 12, the day is also known as the day of miracles. It is the day of miracles, and the reason for that is because the Portal of 12 is created. It is the Portal of Miracles.

Also, we present to you what makes this date so important.

1. ‘The Day Of Miracles’ – Opens the Doors of the Eclipses

It represents the beginning of the Winter Eclipse season. The first new moon remarks the Ecliptic period, and that is when the first Eclipse happens.

Precisely on this Day, the Full Moon spreads high energy and opens the gates of the Portal of Energy. These powers are having an enormous impact on our lives, shaping the destiny of our Realm.

2. Last Full Moon of the Decade

It is the last full moon that we’re going to see in this decade from 2010 until 2019. It will present to us that Closure is in December. We all need to finish this chapter in our lives and start a new one.

3. Synchronicity: the number of the date equals the number of the month equals 12 (2+0+1+9=12)

The full moon occurs on Portal 12. Now 12 is not just a number that equals three events, but below, we are going to present to you what are other meanings of 12.

–         There are twelve months in the year.

–         There are twelve Zodiac Signs

–         Twelve are the number of principal Gods and Goddesses of Olympus

–         Jesus Christ made twelve disciples

–         Twelve tribes are of Israel, it is said in the Old Testament

–         Hercules had twelve Labours or Challenges

–         We have twelve magical hours of the day

–         And twelve magical hours of the Night

Because of these reasons, the Full Moon occurs on 12.12. Immense power is going to be spread on this day, and people say that it is Angel’s number, and everything is in their power.

4. King of Meteor Showers

The power of the night will be even more significant and enriched with the peak of Geminids.

It is also known under the name The King Of Meteor Showers. This kind of meteor shower is active from December 4 until December 17, with its peas, as we already said on the night on December 12.

It is supposed to have 150 meteors per hour.

5. Star Alignments: Venus, Saturn, Pluto

The last information, but not the least, is that there will be a conjunction, but triple one. Pluto, Saturn, and Venus will have mega conjunction and spreading energy that has enormous power and high astrological energy.

The last time that this event happened brought us the outbreak of WWI and the end of WWII, without the planet Venus. Now, Venus will be present, so we hope for good events and positive results.

According to everything that we said, things will be almost insane. The experts and astrologists say that positive thoughts and events should be expected.

‘The Day Of Miracles’ is going to be for the whole world. Be prepared.


Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by IBMN)/By Romolo Tavani

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