Flat-Earthers Spend $20,000 To Prove The Earth Is Flat, But Accidentally Ended Up Proving The Earth Is Round

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One documentary, which is now available for watching on Netflix, shows the ridiculousness about the Flat Earthers from around the world. The documentary titled Behind the Curve is showing us that they are nothing else but people with creative minds and ‘logic.’ And, after all, they even said that our planet has the shape of a donut, using pretty fascinating mental gymnastics in order to come to this point.

However, if the enticement is not enough, just like Andrew Whalen pointed out, these Flat Earthers proved themselves wrong in the documentary not only once, but two times. Yes, their ridiculousness goes that far!

In the documentary, Mark Sargent said that science has a huge problem in combating what they have done. He claimed that he could see the Seattle skyscrapers when he is at the home of his mother, which is on the Whidbey Island, which he presumes are supposed to be hidden somewhere behind the curvature of the Earth. He continued:

Neil Degrasse Tyson—I hate saying his name, we call him He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named—says that, ‘It’s a growing anti-intellectual movement that borders on the end of civilization and democracy as we know it.

They believe that our planet is, in fact, covered in the giant dome, and our moon and sun rotate around, somewhere. Well, if you think that this does not make sense, you are right, because it really does not. Another more eye-opening and astonishing segments of this documentary happen when the host of the famous Flat Earth channel on YouTube, named Bob Knodel, walks the viewers through one experiment involves a laser gyroscope.

While our planet is rotating, this gyroscope seems to lean off-axis, and it stays in the original position while the curvature of the planet changes.  Khodel said:

What we found is, is when we turned on that gyroscope we found that we were picking up a drift. A 15 degree per hour drift – he added, acknowledging that also the behavior or the gyroscope confirmed to what is exactly expected from gyroscopes on the rotating globe. He also added the following:

Now, obviously we were taken aback by that. Wow, that’s kind of a problem. We obviously were not willing to accept that, and so we started looking for ways to disprove it was actually registering the movement of the Earth.

A lot of people loved his honesty. He said that that is some sort of an issue, and it will be for sure, as long as we believe that our planet is flat. He continued ahead, refining the experiment he made, desperately trying to stop proving himself wrong; however, as our planet is not flat, he is constantly not successful in that. Then, there is another experiment which was done by the co-host or conspirator of the YouTube channel, named Jeran Campanella.

The two of them set up some laser, planning to have it hit the measuring posts more than 3.88 miles. In fact, if this laser hits at 5.6 feet, which is the post in the middle, then a third post which is at 8 feet, it will demonstrate that our planet is not round. However, this experiment failed as the laser was not focused enough. However, in the film’s end, he also experiments with the use of light and certain holes cut in a Styrofoam, at identical height. In this experiment, the light is supposed to shine through the holes, if our planet is flat.

However, as our planet is not flat, this experiment is another failure. But, the Flat Earthers will not permit things such as “reality” or “facts” stop them. However, the end of the documentary is an end in which they prove themselves wrong. Campanella watches how the light was activated at an identical height like the holes; however, the light cannot be spotted on the screen of the camera. He says “Lift up your light, way above your head,” and with all the compensation which is made about the Earth’s curvature, the light appears immediately on the screen of the camera. He adds: “Interesting. That’s interesting.” And, then, this documentary ends in an outstanding way. You can see the film’s trailer.

The so-called Flat Earth movement, something as the movement against vaccines, is a type of religion. That is pretty clear. They ignore proofs and evidence which contradicts the beliefs that they have, and they work really hard in order to find the workarounds, so they can prove that they are right, instead of proving themselves to be wrong.


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