For The First Time In 6 Decades, Bioluminescent Planktons Lit Up The Beach Of Acapulco

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Bioluminescent Planktons(Photo : Twitter) Bioluminescent plankton was observed in the waves on an Acapulco beach for the first time in over 60 years.

The citizens of Acapulco were the luckiest among us to witness an event that is a spectacle. After six decades and more, the Puerto Marques beach in Acapulco has a bioluminescent blue light, and it represents a fantastic show.

The whole spectacle is a result of the Bioluminescent planktons because they make a chemical reaction in the water.

Currently, all the beaches are empty because of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, but, still, some beachgoers succeeded to seize the moment, and capture the view. Their snaps immediately went viral on social media, and we all had the chance to see the rare phenomenon, even though it was in a picture.

Noctiluca scintillans, also known as the sea sparkle, represents a free-living, marine-dwelling species of dinoflagellate. They exhibit the bioluminescence if disturbed.

This video that was shared on social media caused mixed feelings. Some people weren’t pleased with the view, because they say it is in human nature to destroy everything that touches. But, on the other side, some found the whole video amusing.

All in all, this may be the first time after six decades for the bioluminescent blue plankton to get back to the beach Puerto Marques, but it is not a rare event in other parts of Mexico. Still, it doesn’t make this event less magnificent.

Let’s ask you a question: If you had the chance to swim in these neon blue waters, would you swim?

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