Female Dragonflies Are Faking Their Death To Stay Away From The Males

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Next time when you want to stay away from someone, try to explore the acts of the female dragonflies. They are the master in hiding. If you thought that you are good at avoiding someone, you’re wrong. Female dragonflies are faking their death to avoid males. This act is very typical for the moorland hawkers, which are a type of dragonflies, but other species sometimes do the same.

A professor from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, named Rassim Khelifa, said that he has proof of that. He claims that while he was picking up some larvae samples, 27 out of 31 dragonflies, which were female, fell from the sky and pretended to be dead. This is the act that the insects are doing to avoid the males. The reason for this unbelievable move is that the moorland hawkers are not going to be with the male mates when the act of multiplying is done. Furthermore, the eggs are fertilized and will make the female more exposed to danger. They will be more vulnerable to harassment.

National Geographic explained:

“An acrobatic aerial copulation” is the first step of the mating process when we are talking about the moorland hawker dragonflies. This process is common in Europe, Asia, and North America. The flight is made when the female parts for mating, placed at the end of the body, connect with the male parts, positioned next to his thorax. In this flight, in the end, they are making a heart shape, land on the ground, and finish the act of making love. On the following step, the female dragonfly needs to lay her eggs.

On the other hand, right before she can lay her eggs, another group of male dragonflies may come up, looking for the same thing. If she wants to lay her eggs, she will have to find a way to stay away from the males. Just because of evolution, they will need to figure out how to avoid males. The reason for this move is that the female dragonfly has a certain number of eggs, and she can die by repeated copulations. The female is already inseminated by the male she picked. The male reproductive system is trained to take off all the sperm before it makes a new deposit, which means killing the eggs. So, with the purpose to protect the babies and to protect herself, she is faking her death.


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