Experts Say That Earth’s Ozone Layer Is Recovering

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Earth’s ozone layer is recovering according to the scientists. It is another positive information since we all have been affected by the quarantine because of the coronavirus.

The Montreal Protocol was started back in 1987, and the intention was to protect the ozone layer, and it will repair itself. In the past days, a study discovered that the protocol is working.

Many people don’t know what precisely the ozone layer is, well, it represents the zone of the Earth’s stratosphere, which absorbs the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and stops the radiation from hitting the Earth’s surface.

The challenge in this study was proving our hypothesis that ozone recovery is driving these atmospheric circulation changes, and it isn’t just a coincidence.’

On the planet, the ozone repairmen are not the only issue that we are dealing with. We can’t forget the problem which is hanging above our heads, the rising levels of greenhouse gases like CO2, which is the main causer of global warming.

Maybe the greenhouse gases don’t affect the ozone layer directly, but as we already said, they cause global warming and all the unhealthy climate changes.

Furthermore, Banerjee said that the war between the opposing effect of ozone recovery and the increasing levels of the gases would make future trends.

As the ozone is repairing itself, that doesn’t mean that we need to stop trying to reduce the carbon footprints. The best solution for our carbon footprints is the isolation of the people.

The solution is revealed during the isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic. The quarantine is the best solution for reducing the levels of nitrogen dioxide, which is mainly blown from the vehicle exhausts, and levels of particulate matter, produced by road transport and burning fuel.

As the experts say, pollution is significantly reduced, especially in Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. We all hope that something positive will result from this desperate situation caused by the COVID-19 disease.

Be positive, and do your best. Stay home and stay safe.

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