You Could Now Face Jail Time For Leaving Your Dog In The Snow

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Libre is the name of the cute puppy rescued from the near-death situation in 2016. This event was a motivation for the Pennsylvania state lawmakers to create new protections for animal cruelty during extreme weather conditions like snow and hot sun.

During the heatwave in the United Kingdom in 2018, 600 emergency calls were reported in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, about the pet dogs that were struggling and suffering from the hot weather. Then the country took action. The authorities warn the pet owners about leaving their dogs in hot cars. If the owners are found guilty of doing this kind of violation, they will be granted an unlimited fine and even go to jail. The goal with this warning is to make the pet owners more responsible and protect their pets from extreme weather conditions.

The warning brought significant results in the UK, and that was the reason why the state of Pennsylvania decides to follow their example as well. State legislators passed a law according to which it is prohibited to leave dogs tied up more than 30 minutes when outside is warmer than 90 degrees Fahrenheit or colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The Law is well known as Libre’s Law, and it will prevent animal cruelty in which the owner leave their pets on harsh weather conditions. Those who don’t respect the law will pay a hefty fine or go to jail from between six months to one year.

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