There Is A Festival In Nepal Every Year That Thanks Dogs For Always Being Our Loyal Friends

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dogs's festival in Nepal

There is a reason why we call dogs our friends. The loyal furry animals that increase the production of the hormones of happiness, also known as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, are the most honorable thing that you can meet in the Universe.

Their love is unconditional, our presence is adored, dogs are not demanding, and they are our teachers. Yes, they are teachers, they teach us that we should appreciate the smallest things in life because those are the most significant.

Well, someone was very creative and created an event in honor of the humans’ best friends.

The people of Nepal invented this event, and they have picked a date to show the respect and to thank our four-legged partners for the loyalty and partnership they give to us.

The festival is called ‘Diwali,’ and that means ‘festival of lights,’ and it occurs every fall.

At this festival, which lasts a couple of days, one of them is dedicated to our best friends, the dogs. Precisely this day, makes the festival authentic, unique, and very visited.

The day for the dogs is called Kukur Tihar )worship of the dogs) or Kukur Puja. As we already said, the Tihar celebration lasts for five days, and the second day is for thanking our pets.

We will worship them by giving them the most delicious foods, decorating and adorning the dogs with flowers, and flower garlands. The most important ritual is to mark your dog with ‘tika’ on their forehead.

The mark ‘tika,’ which is made with red powder, signifies that dogs are sacred beings. There are a lot of photos in which honored dogs are presented, and all of them are heart-warming.

During this festival, bear in mind that not only the petted dogs are honored, but also the stray dogs are cherished as well.

In Nepal, people don’t make discriminations!

The treatment is also known as a royal treatment. It is made because people believe that dogs are sent from Yama and represent messengers. Yama is the Hindu god of death, so they regard this act as a way to appease the god.


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Furthermore, canines are present in the Mahabharata, where Yudhishthira, who was the king of righteousness, didn’t want to pass the doors of Heaven without his four-legged best friend.

Now that’s how animals should be treated! Share this wonderful message with your friends and family.

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