Coronavirus Shows Us That Uniting To Prevent Climate Collapse Is Possible

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climate collapse

During the time of the pandemic of coronavirus, everyone has the feeling of being helpless. The reason for this bad feeling is the fact that we have limited power. The way that we are feeling about this period, the ecologists are feeling the same, but longer time about the climate change crisis.

The word has shut down itself in the blink of an eye, the perfect response to the coronavirus. But, also, it is the answer that the people were searching for. Politicians do have the power to make a quick change that will make a significant improvement.

The ecologists are furious because of the rapid response to the climate crisis is invisible. For many years the climate justice activists have been asking for help. But, their voice wasn’t heard. According to the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service, China’s air pollutant levels fell by about 20-30% in February as a result of the restrictions on traffic and industry.

According to scientists, we have less than a decade remained to transform our behavior towards nature completely. We need to change our economy, transitioning over to renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. But, we don’t do anything about that, yet, we continue with our business just as earlier. With these activities, we are just paving the road toward a future with extreme climate conditions.  As a result of this, we will have mass displacement, disease, famine, and many deaths.

Previously mentioned information is not an assumption, but it is a prediction based on the fact and evidence made by scientists and experts who have devoted their lives to the issue.

Now when we are in the middle of a pandemic, why there aren’t COVID-19 levels of shutting down and make a complete restoration of our society?

Whenever ecologists meet with lawmakers, they tell that climate change cannot be stopped in such a short time. But, the results from the quarantine, which is made because of the COVID-19 disease, have shown the opposite. The government can make laws and protect our nature, with that they will stop the drastic climate change.

If the world decides to prevent the climate crisis, we will see precisely this. There will be media coverage 24/7, non-stop headlines for the results, and the changes that are happening. We would all sit home and do some creative things, and let the Earth takes a breath.

The response that we got from the coronavirus means that if every person mobilizes itself and does their job, then everything can be as it should be.

We know that the parallels are not suitable and appropriate to make a comparison between the coronavirus and climate crisis. But, it is the perfect proof that the government can do something for the climate crisis, just as they do for coronavirus.

Our response, the global response, to the climate crisis can be fun, not like the quarantine to stop the spread of COVID-19.

We can initiate the fast creation of jobs in renewable fields. The workers can be trained to transition from fossil fuel to clean energy jobs. There can be mass reforestation projects. The immediate climate response besides that will create a mitigating disaster, but it will create a better place for living.

From now so on, after the pandemic COVID-19 is finished, people cannot live their lives as usual. They will take a breath and will try to move on to tackling the other deadly crisis, which is called the climate crisis.

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