Chinese Zoo Puts People in Cages While the Wild Animals Are Roaming Free Around Them

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A lot of people don’t like circuses and zoos because they cannot understand what the point is and what fun is to watch humiliated and caged animals. They believe that captivating animals is something really wrong, as other different species than us also have the right to life or freedom just like we do.

Lately, there were debates on the problem with animal captivity, and it definitely makes sense why – it is inhumane to keep wild creatures caged. We do not only deprive other living creatures of their habitats in nature as we harm the environment where they live, but we even dare to put them in cages for our satisfaction and amusement.

However, one Chinese zoo discovered one unusual way of bringing people much closer to wildlife without putting animals in cages.

A new and different approach

Worldwide, a lot of zoos are closing, while others are trying to find some new and different ways for human beings to see the world of animals. One particular zoo has found one exciting and interesting solution to bring people much closer to wildlife, without even putting animals in cages.

Moreover, there are some small openings through which the visitors will have the ability to feed these exotic beasts. Also, rather than viewing these animals from safe distances, they get extremely close to the visitors, and they practically eat from the palms of their hands.

The spokeswomen from the zoo, named Chan Llang, explained that they just wanted to provide their visitors with the thrill and excitement of being attacked and stalked by these big cats, however, without any risk. They warn their guests to keep hands and fingers inside of the cage all of the time, as hungry tigers may not differ breakfast and them.

People love this zoo.

This idea of the zoo brings in the local tourists of China from everywhere in the country, and it even brings international tourists. This zoo is always sold out of tickets.

One visitor, named Tao Jen, explained that this was a quite different experience than his experiences in other zoos before. He said that they don’t look at the animals, but the animals look at them, and they are their lunch.


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