The Boredom During Quarantine Inspires People To Build Cardboard Tanks For Their Cats

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If we are looking for one positive and exciting thing about the coronavirus pandemic and quarantining, then we found out that, worldwide, there are so many extra creative people. The thing that these people needed was some free time, and they would have immediately expressed their creative soul.

DIY projects during the quarantine are mostly used. But, something more interesting has shown up on social media. We can see that some cat owners are passing their time by building cardboard tanks for their cats. If you look at the pictures, you will notice many tanks consist of all the details. In this post, the best photos of the cats’ tanks are published, but there are many more left.

Take a look and enjoy it.

Two people were interviewed about why they have built cardboard and how they were inspired. The two interviewed people were Garry Stevenson, the owner of Mittens, and Anna B, the owner of Topsy and Turvy.

Furthermore, you can look at the interviews with Gary and Anna.


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Garry revealed that the inspiration in his head came when he saw in his Facebook newsfeeds a cat in a tank. Once he saw that image, it couldn’t be eliminated from his head for quite a while. In the beginning, he didn’t have time, but he promised himself that once he has time, he will build a tank for his cat.

For Garry, three hours were enough to create the tank for his cat, and the cat loves boxes and cardboards.

His cat has two years, it’s female, and its name is Mittens. Garry describes her as calm and collected, but once they go to sleep, she transforms into a maniac. Toys are her main preoccupation, and at 1 AM every night, it howls.

Furthermore, Garry also revealed how he and his family pass through the quarantine. He explained that working from home was his best option because he is a graphic designer. His wife works as a carer with Scottish charity, so they are OK with the business.

Also, they have two children, but they are amusing themselves around the house, so Garry and his wife are quite relaxed.


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The British Veterinary Association BVA announced that people should keep their pets inside the house, to stop the spread of the coronavirus.  The president of BVA Daniella Dos Santos declared that all pet owners need to maintain proper hygiene for their beloved ones. Plus, you need to bear in mind that the animal’s fur could carry the virus for a particular time.

You may not be building tanks for your pets, but there are many other fun ways to keep your pet entertained.

USA Today advises all the pet owners to know that it is crucial to feed the pets healthy, so you need to stock up pet food and snack.

Also, besides the food, the pet needs to have fun. So, if you don’t have toys for pets, you can always use the old cardboard boxes and play. You don’t know, and it may be the first step to your creation of a cardboard tank.


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Besides the fact that the quarantine is making positive outcomes on Earth and Nature, it also increased the adoption of animals in America. Vox says that animal shelters through the US, are receiving numerous applications for adopting cats and dogs.

Katy Hansen, communication director for the Animal Care Centers of New Your City, announced that they should get as many animals out as it was possible, and they expected to receive a maximum of 500 applications. But, they received more than 5,000 applications for adopting animals.


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Hansen believed that during the quarantine, people would like to leave their animals at the shelters, but it turned out to be precisely the opposite.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals had a 500 percent increase in applications since March 15.

Anna is the owner of two cats, Topsy and Turvy. She said that all the cats’ owners have experience with the card boxes recently. Topsy is a cat that is examining different packages, and then it chooses the best to sleep and sit in it.

Anna said that once they adopted the cats, they have boxes in every room because the cats prefer boxes over the cat’s bed. Once she saw on the internet the trend of creating tanks, she created for her cats too. Only two hours were enough to create a toy. In the end, it was very close to all the exciting models of tanks that were shared.

Once she created the tank, Anna became very creative, so she invented another project: crafting a Cat-Dalek. This project is much longer than the previous one, but since we are all in quarantine, what else we shall do?

According to Anna’s estimations, she will need 8 hours to finish the project, including painting.


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Topsy and Turvy were adopted from a foster rescue group in October back in 2016. According to Anna and her husband, the cats have five years until now. Also, they are very spoiled, and they even get presents every Christmas.

But, they are brilliant too, because in the afternoon Topsy sits on the front door, waiting for Anna to come back from work. That means it is dinner time. Also, it is the one to wake Anna up If she snoozes too many alarms.

She continued to explain in detail.

Turvy is our squishy love-bug. She is keen on grooming both my husband and me; we don’t do very good jobs staying clean as humans. She also has mild feline asthma/allergies and has become quite adept at hiding when she detects us getting out her medicine.

Besides, Anna explained and described her life in quarantine. She can work from home, so the quarantine doesn’t make much difference. Both Ana and her husband had that luck to stay employed.


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Because of the quarantine and lockdown situation, going to movies, pars, and many different things where social interaction is present are eliminated. But, now we live in modern society, so technology is advanced, we can use Skype, Facebook, Face Time, Instagram, Viber, and many more applications so that we can see each other on camera.

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