Be Ready For A Major Reshuffle With The Gemini New Moon — The Most Magical Dark Moon Of 2020

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As the days of May are passing by, we are getting closer to the day when the new moon in Gemini will come. It will be an interesting event that we will remember for many reasons. Expect it on May 22.

When the new moon in Gemini comes, we will acquire energies that will help us to rebuild our lives, so all the things that are not working right, we will show them the right path.

In regard, the thing that we have been doing recently, making something different to improve the situation in which we are is something unusual. During these hard times that we are facing, trying to make things go right, instead of sitting still, is such a big deal, and we should be proud of it.

The new moon beside the positive energy that spreads will be a little bit confusing, too. But, the confusion is not something that we can’t handle.

Every hard progress boosts our self-esteem, so satisfaction and contentment are our main features.

Furthermore, the new moon in Gemini will provide us with the features of respect and understanding, which are the best characteristic for making friends and business partnerships.

In addition, in the love field, the relationships will be based on loyalty, devotion, and karmic bonding. So, as a result, the contacts made with men, superiors, and government agencies will be quite severe, practical, and highly beneficial.

Moreover, this period can be of great use for learning and teaching. The guidance can be presented from elders and leaders. Every person can share their knowledge with the younger personas. Those people, the teachers, will receive respect for their wisdom and the benefits of their profession.

However, no one is perfect, neither this new moon is. From time to time, the energies can throw us off balance. As we already noted, confusion may and will be present, but also it will be accompanied by misinformation if we are not taking our information from reliable sources. From this, we can conclude that we should always double-check the information before we react appropriately.

Saturn will still be present with its energies, and from its teaching, we will be feeling a bit ‘tired.’ The time reserved for relaxation has passed, so now, we all need to work hard and to stay humble, but to expect out results in the upcoming period.

New beginnings will still be present in our lives, but it doesn’t mean that we should give up on everything we have. So, do your job, and all the things will find their place, and the energies of the New Moon in Gemini will help us.

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