You Can Now Move To Barbados And Work From Home For A Year

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It is finally official, Barbados announced and launched its one year Barbados Welcome Stamp, and the prime minister confirmed it at the beginning of July.

Barbados, the Caribbean country, started to accept applications from all over the world for this year’s visa. The visa provides the visitors to live there temporarily, for twelve months, and work.

Because of the new situation in the world, the pandemic, almost everyone is working from home, so they cannot travel all over the world for pleasure. Thus, the authorities of Barbados came to an idea to relocate people to a popular destination.

In a press release, the Chairman of Barbados Tourism Marketing, Sunil Chatrani, announced that precisely this place is perfect for you, where it will allow you to get things done regarding the fact that it has the fastest fiber internet and mobile services in the area.

For the application, the applicant must pay $2,000 for an individual visa, or if they want to bring someone else with them, they will have to pay $3,000. Once the applicant gets permission, it lasts for one year. As additional information on the site stands that the visa-holders won’t pay Barbados Income tax.

There are also some safety recommendations to bear in mind. The Barbados Tourism Marketing, in their press release, said that the visitors that come from endangered countries, which had more than 10,000 cases in the past week, must have negative COVID-19 test not older than 72 hours.

Those coming from low-risk countries (less than 100 cases in the past week) can have a negative test taken one week earlier from their departure.

And for those who don’t have negative tests at all, once they land, they will take a test and quarantine which they have to pay on their own for 48 hours until the results arrive. If they tested positive, they would be isolated immediately, and the Ministry of Health will take care of them.

All the visitors must fill an online embarkation form linked to their health and temperature checks once they land at the airport. The airport in Barbados has been opened on July 12.

We must note that any government does not support unessential traveling in the world, and WHO still warns against it.

If you still want to travel, you must first read the CDC’s travel recommendations for specific countries.

Until today Barbados has marked 106 cases of coronavirus and seven deaths.

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