August Brings 3 Meteor Showers — Get Ready For An Epic Sky!

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After all that has happened, August won’t be a bad month. It will be among the best months for stargazers all over the country, and the best astronomical events will take their place.

So far in July were the most spectacular events for show-stopping celestial events. All those who missed the remarkable events during the past months will have another chance to see something extraordinary. Furthermore, in August is a stellar line-up of dazzling astronomical displays.

For all space lovers, Venus will be visible, and the sky lovers will be honored to observe three exceptional meteor showers!

That one thing that makes these events special is that all of them will be visible in the night sky and you won’t need any special equipment like a telescope or camera.


This event started on July 3 and will last until August 15. They radiate from the constellation Capricornus, and that is why they are called Alpha Capricornid.  It creates a shower of slow and bright meteors that look like fireballs. The experts declared that we could see five meteors per hour. Those who are located in the Southern Hemisphere are able to see this spectacle.


Last but not least, the Perseid meteor shower started on July 17, and they will light up the night sky until August 24, 2020. The peak will be reached on August 11-12. During this event, the meteor shower chasers will see 60 or 70 meteors per hour during its peak, precisely between midnight and dawn.

Another pleasing news is that it will be visible from all over the world. Those in the Northern Hemisphere are among the luckiest ones because there the Perseid Meteor Shower will create a spectacle. The meteors originate from the constellation Perseus, that is why the name is Perseid.

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