At Night This Parking Lot Is Turned Into A Safe Haven For The Homeless

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Being homeless is not the people’s choice. Still, sometimes, as a result of some unfortunate events like loss of a job, debt, illness, mortgage, or no money to pay rent, homelessness is inevitable.

In that kind of situation, the streets are the only alternative where the homeless sleep, look for some food in the trash, and they become invisible for the passing crowd. Then things get worse for those who can’t get out of this situation quickly.

The founder of non-profit Beddown, Norm McGillivray, came up with an incredible idea while walking through an empty parking lot. He thought it is the perfect space for a pop-up shelter. So he was persistent and gave the idea a go.

Norm asked the Secure Parking (the biggest car park operator), and they agreed to give a two week trial in Brisbane, Australia.

They turned the parking lot into secure and safe shelters for homeless people.

Because homeless are always at risk of having a little they have been stolen, sleep deprivation is one condition many of them suffer from. Hypertension, depression, diabetes, memory loss are some of the terms that appear when living rough.

The Beddown company provided social services, new clothing, places to clean themselves, hairdressers, doctors, nurses, and dentists.

“We are happy because we are bringing the Beddown vision to life. A great thanks to the volunteers who came in and helped us a trial and set up the beds. In this way, we provide an immediate response for the homeless who sleep rough to access the comfy bed and safe shelter. With our collaborative partners, we will provide long term solutions for the guests, including education, accommodation, and employment opportunities,” one Beddown Instagram post said.

The following are some comments of the homeless:

This is the first time I have had a dream in years.

There is no need to watch my back here.

I can sleep all night safely and away from drugs.

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