Architects Are Designing A 100% Nature-Infused Food And Energy Self-Sufficient Smart City

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smart cityStefano Boeri Architetti

In the past, humans were not aware of the negative effect that the cities and their architecture might have on the environment. But now, when the damage is visible, the fact has become impossible to ignore.

Many experts suggest ideas for efficient and sustainable ways for the smart organization of the cities. But still, these ideas can’t be found in real-life examples. Stefano Boeri Architetti is an architecture firm from Milano which hopes to provide a model for future sustainable designs. Currently, they are working on the project “Nature-Infused Smart City.”

The firm is bidding for a 557-hectare site in Cancun (Mexico) along with Grupo Karim, the property developer. They might not gain control of the site because there are some other plans to turn the area into a shopping district. But if they succeeded and build the Smart Forest City, it will become home for more than 130,000 humans, along with 7,500,000 plants.


Photos Courtesy of Stefano Boeri Architetti

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