Alibaba Billionaire To Donate 500,000 Test Kits And 1 Million Face Masks For The Coronavirus To The U.S.

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Alibaba Billionaire donation for coronavirus

The richest man in China is donating one million face masks and half a million test kits for the coronavirus to the United States of America, to stop the spreading process of the virus. Until now, the virus has killed more than 5,000 people worldwide. This help comes as a consequence of the accusations between Beijing and Washington for the origin of the deadly disease, called COVID-19, coming from the coronavirus.

Jack Ma, the richest man in Chine, announced his decision on March 13. By the way, he is worth £31.6 billion. His decision was published on his account on the social media. The donations are to help some people to avoid the coronavirus and to stop its spreading.

coronavirus in the world
Coronavirus cases in the World

The magnate also was included in the charity program and donated millions of masks and test kits to South Korea, Iran, Japan, and Europe. In the pictures, we can see how the people employed in the Red Cross, South Korea, open the donations from Ma on March 12, 2020.

Alibaba Billionaire To Donate 500,000 Test Kits And 1 Million Face Masks For The Coronavirus To The U.S.

Jack Ma is the owner of Alibaba, and he has declared that he collected the supplies, and he will immediately send them, and that will be his donation to the American people. According to him, the masks and immediately checks, plus the protective equipment for the medical workers are the key things that one country should have, to stop the epidemic from escalating. He hopes that these donations will help some people. He adds that this epidemic represents a challenge to the humankind, during the era of globalization. The only thing that people can do during these times is to face together hand in hand. Nowadays, people should share resources without being judgmental and share different solutions for this problem. The post of Jack Ma ends with his conclusion:’ United we stand, divided we fall!’

Jack Ma is a self-made billionaire, who, in the past, used to be an English Teacher. Until now, this person has donated millions of masks and test kits to many countries, including South Korea, Iran, Japan, and Europa, to support the containment of the contagion, which is spreading too fast. The virus is declared to be deadly, and by now, it has killed more than 5,000 people, and 134,000 are infected.

Last week, Jack Ma announced that he is donating 1,8 million masks and 100,000 test kits for COVID-19, to Europe. These supplies must be divided through all European nations affected by the disease, Italy, and Spain too. Japan and South Korea got their masks last week. Furthermore, in January, Jack donated £11 million ($14.4 million) to the scientists to invent and develop vaccines for the coronavirus.

United we stand, divided we fall.

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