A Scuba Diver Comes Face-To-Face With The Largest Snake In The World

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Largest Snake In The World

Many people count the anacondas as life-threatening beings. Even if I hear the name, I get those goosebumps. Besides the fact that these snakes are not poisonous, they can swim and stay underwater. Anacondas are with their body underwater and their head above the murky waters. No one can imagine how they will react if they face this reptile, but for sure, they will be terrified.

Well, two friends went to dive in the Formoso River, located in Brazil. This diving experience turns out to be frightening when all of a sudden, they faced a seven-meter-long anaconda. Anacondas are the type of predators that live in marshes, swamps, and murky streams, mostly in South America. The water in the Formoso river is crystal clear, so it is the perfect and unique place to dive with these creatures.

Anacondas are in a hibernation period from the end of July until the beginning of August, and that creates the ideal condition to dive with them. During this period, the water temperature reaches 22-24 degrees, while during the winter, the air is colder than the water, so most of the time, the anacondas spend underwater.

In the video below, you can perfectly see the giant anaconda, and the diver claims that sometimes, the snakes are misunderstood in terms of being aggressive. Also, Bone adds that the waters around the Bonito area are the only places where people can find anacondas, and diving is possible. As people can notice in the video, the snake is swimming peacefully, as there is no person at all. Even, you can see the snake comes closer to the camera, just from curiosity, and it licks the lens.

Precisely this video is proof that the aggressive and violent behavior of the anacondas is not entirely true. If you didn’t know, the green anaconda is the largest snake in the world, and its length can reach up to 30 feet (9.1 meters), and it can weigh 550 lbs. (250 kg.). This type of snake swims and moves very fast, and it can kill the prey by constricting its breathing. The killing process is done by wrapping the snake’s body around the prey’s body. Furthermore, the snakes can open their mouths according to the victim, and mostly, the anacondas can swallow corps, which are much larger than their selves. These creatures are feeding with local wildlife like capybaras, wild pigs, birds, turtles, and sometimes, if they find, eat jaguars. The divers, Bone, and Ygarape, believe that precisely this video can reveal and present the unknown side of the amazing reptiles. Bone declared:

No words can do justice to the sensations that I was feeling during that experience.

Below we present you the video filmed by Bartolomeo Bone and Juca Ygarape. Enjoy!



Featured Image Credit: Bartolomeo Bove/Youtube