A Mesmerizing View Of The Himalayas For The First Time After 30 Years As India Lockdown Brings Drop In Pollution

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During these hard times, when the world struggles with coronavirus pandemic, many changes in our environment have occurred. One of the fascinating changes is that the Himalayas are visible in India.

Many experts claim that nature is taking everything in its place since the lockdown occurred. People are quarantined, and they are sharing images of clear skies and animals walking down the streets. All these incredible things happen as a result of the drastically reduced pollution.

Because India is affected by the coronavirus outbreak, and the lockdown continues, the pollution levels are still decreasing.

Some people that live in northern India say that the snow-capped Himalayas are visible, even though they are 200 kilometers away. It is something that hasn’t happened for 30 years.

Since this is a miracle that has happened for the first time in 30 years, many people took a picture and shared it on social media. The media are flooded with these pictures. People who aren’t lucky enough to live there can see them too.

An Indian cricketer, Harbhajan Singh, also shared a picture of the Dhauladar range and said that he didn’t think that it could be seen from his home.

The name Dhauladhar Range in English means’ white range’ and it represents a part of the Lesser Himalayan ranges. Also, they take 200 kilometers from Jalandhar, where the industrial activities are now reduced, and there are no vehicles, which brought us to a fantastic change.

Similar changes have happened all over the world as a result of the country lockdowns because of pandemic. In these hard times, at least we have something to be happy for. Maybe this is Earth’s time, and it will take a breath. We hope that these habits will also remain once the coronavirus passes, and we will take more care of our planet.

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