A Massive Energy Shift With The Full Moon Tonight — Your Dreams To Come True!

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A full moon is about to come upon November 12, and with that, we will experience new energies. We will become more hype as we are getting closer to this full moon.

The full moon will be in the sign Taurus.

It will bring new opportunities for every one of us. This full moon will push us to chase our dreams and allow us to be open to new means of manifestation. If we work with these energies before us, we will further end up getting in the days following this ordeal.

Focus more on your friendships and intimate relationships to get to the bottom of your emotional state. Try to do all you can to create a sense of success within. This full moon will bring you before challenges that will change things for you romantically. As time begins to pass, you will see the people and the things around you more clearly.

Taurus will opposite Mercury bringing communication problems. The retrograde motion of Mercury would seem to make things worse. But still, this full moon is favorable in many respects. Mercury’s retrograde challenges could be resolved through aspects of Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. Mars sextile Jupiter is a fortune influence, and there is no fixed star conjunct, but the full moon does sit within a lucky lunar mansion.

Things might be getting harder, but if you remember to do your best and fix the problems before you, the success will smile at the end. You might be more reliant on your intuition and instincts during this time. It is in no way a wrong thing.

If you feel that you are on edge or becoming more sensitive, take a moment, and try to calm down yourself. All the happenings in our lives are not so severe – we can cope with them at any time. Even in hectic moments, we can find a few minutes when needed.

November will be a powerhouse with full energetical charge and in itself is going to be a lot for everybody of us to take in. Work to increase your awareness and do not fight the things that are about to come. Get ready for the great things that are on your way.


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